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before and after garage junk removal



We offer junk removal and hauling at reasonable rates.  Our prices for this service start at $95.00.  Every job is different and for that reason most of the time we need to come out and see your project to give you a firm quote.  If you are needing prices right away, we would be happy to give you an estimate if you text us some photos.  THIS WILL ONLY BE AN ESTIMATE, PRICES ARE HARD TO DETERMINE FROM PICTURES ALONE. Text photos now by using the phone number at the top of this page.


Currently, we offer hot tub, fence, playset, deck, and shed demolition and removal.  

I could spend an entire day writing about why companies need to recycle but by now, we all know, it's the right thing to do.  Instead, allow me to share with you that it is our passion to recycle.  We love the recycling industry and everything involved like taking things apart, sorting out the different metals and plastics, and shipping these items out to become new items tomorrow.  Recycling adds value to the economy by creating jobs and helps the environment because it prevents a lot of usable materials from entering the waste stream and ending up in a landfill.  There are roughly 30 different metals and a minimum of 5 different types of plastic inside a common desktop computer, all of which can be recycled. 


Good Karma E-cycling knows one of the fastest-growing crimes facing our world today is data theft or industrial espionage.  We face this head-on by completely destroying anything which may contain data before sorting and recycling.  While it may take days or weeks to process some items for shipment, anything that may contain data will be destroyed the day it arrives at our facility.  This is our promise.

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